Blogging Macworld: Living without a Desktop

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The laptop was invented, so that we could work on the road. But for many of us, it’s our main home computer as well. Macworld takes a look at how to transition yourself into a laptop-only world.

They tackle the three main concerns one would have about switching to a laptop: power, security, and comfort. We think considering the ergonomics of a laptop are key to using it in the home. Macworld gives some advice on how to make using your laptop a bit more comfortable. They recommend a good docking station, wireless peripherals, as wellas, keeping it cool. And, if you choose to not have an additional monitor, elevate the screen with one of the laptop stands on the market.

While, their recommendations center around Mac products, a PC user could take heed of their advice as well. If you’re thinking about transitioning to a laptop these are the things you should be thinking about. And if you’re already a laptop user it’s a good reminder of those things you might be neglecting.

(thanks amit upadhyay for the photo.)