Blogging Marketplace: CFL Debate

Blogging Marketplace: CFL Debate

Feb 28, 2008

Yet another thing for couples to fight about, which lightbulb to use. A recent report on Marketplace talked about the influx of CFL lightbulbs into our greener homes, and the not so pleasant side effect. What if you and your partner don't agree on lighting choices?

Scott Case and his wife, Victoria Williams, don't see eye to eye. He wants to go green,but she hates how long a CFL bulb takes to light up. We chuckled at the lengths a husband will go to to try to fool his wife. Case uses all sorts of techniques in his battle with wife Victoria to get CFLs into the house. He tries to find ones that look like incandescent bulbs. He puts them in hard-to-reach fixtures. He mixes them up with the regular bulbs so any difference in light is subtle.

Do you live in a split-lit household? How do you resolve this conflict?

Image: AzAdam

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