Blogging… New York Times: Home Theater Lighting

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

AT:New York took a look at the New York Times coverage of lighting in the home yesterday, and featured this home theater. How does one light a home theater? Architect, James Biber took on this challenge in a home he designed in Montauk, NY and he turned to a famed theater for his inspiration, Radio City Music Hall.

How did he achieve his soft and subtle lighting effect? He used 600 low voltage five-watt frosted xenon lamps from Radiant Lighting Solutions. The New York Times reports that these are available in strips, costing $32 per linear foot. After glancing at Radiant Lighting Solutions site, we’d guess he used the Festoon Lamps, which appear to match the description.

We’ve seen a variety of options lately on lighting solutions, like the Illuminaire and Superdeluxe’s DIY solution. How do you light your home theater?

Image: Peter Mauss/Esto for The New York Times