Blogging NY Times: Cyber Doorman

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This guy may soon be out of a job, or behind a monitor allowing and denying building access with a click of a button.

The New York Times reports on a growing service, Cyber Doorman, that is being implemented in buildings across Manhattan. Traditional doormen are being replaced by complex security systems and people behind the scenes that control access to your building.

How does it work? Well your building’s security system is connected to a central hub, where a team of security guards monitor who’s requesting access to your building. If a delivery man arrives, he’s instructed to place your package in a secure closet, and you are emailed by the company notifying you of your delivery.

The obvious flaw in this system is what happens if equipment malfunctions, or even if an employee malfunctions and isn’t keeping an eye on your apartment, as they should. The cost differential between an actual doorman and the installation and maintenance of this service seems the be draw. Now buildings that could not afford a doorman, can receive similar services and feel more confident in their building’s security.