Snow Days

Snow Days

Feb 21, 2007

Feigning a winter wonderland. According to a recent article in the New York Times, there's a trend towards people making their own snow so that their kids can make snowmen—since temperate winters have meant little to no snow in many parts of the country.

Well, we admit we're from California and usually only see snow when we head to the mountains for the weekend, but doesn't this seem just a little strange to anyone else?

People are spending tens of thousands of dollars to create backyard snow mounds. Even more troubling than the wanton use of cash, a lot of these people seem to be contributing to the very problem that's causing their lack of snow.

As the Times article says, "As global warming continues to wreak havoc with the weather, snowmakers impose a nostalgic order — albeit one that does nothing to help the situation, since snowmaking runs on electricity (and water, of course, one and a half to six gallons a minute, depending on the size of the machine). "

But maybe we're just being grinches and making a mountain out of a snow mound, so to speak. What do other people think?

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