Blogging Parenting: Who’s Harder to Raise? Boys vs. Girls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we first learned we were pregnant with a boy we were surprised and a little bewildered. We have two sisters and grew up in a very girl-dominant neighborhood. What do little boys do we wondered? The idea of raising a boy seemed harder than raising a girl, but is it?

Parenting magazine asks this question in their June ’08 issue and takes a look at the question in different areas: discipline, communication, physical safety, self-esteem and school.

The article, by Paula Spencer, checks in with therapists, psychologists, doctors and authors. “The bottom line? On balance, the general consensus seems to be that boys are more of a handful early on, and girls more challenging beginning in the preteen years.”

You can read the article in the issue of Parenting currently on newstands or at this link. We think family therapist Michael Gurian sums it up best: “Boys and girls are each harder in different ways.”

What do you think? Does it just depend on the individual kid or have you found one gender more difficult than the other?

(Photo by Veer via Parenting.)