Blogging Salon: Tween Bees

Blogging Salon: Tween Bees

Alejandra Valera
Jun 10, 2008

Even though we have never seen an episode of "Hannah Montana" or the movie "High School Musical", we are fully aware of their existence as photos of those two are splashed everywhere. You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, bedspreads all donning those cheeky teens doing their thing. How is it that they have become such cultural phenomenons? Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon says it's all thanks to 'tween girls who are "staging a complete cultural coup."

In an article from this past February, Williams examines the impact preteen girls have in the entertainment field as she writes,

"Girls have always been a formidable niche, the force that made a superstar of Barbie and propelled generations of cute boy bands to fame far beyond their talents. But on Jan. 20, 2006, their coup began in earnest. That's the night "High School Musical" premiered on the Disney Channel. More than 7.5 million viewers tuned in to watch it, a ratings record for the network...The revolution was televised, and the little girls won it."

Williams also discussed how both she and her daughter have fallen for Miley Cyrus and HSM's charms and feels that everything in moderation is fine but she's not willing to go bankrupt to buy Miley Cyrus tickets, however.

She ends her article by stating, "If merchandising is often excessive and usually downright cynical, parents' occasional optimistic trust in the things our children love is not."

What do you think of her that last statement? Do you agree with Williams?

To read the complete article, visit Salon's Web site.

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