Blogging Sierra Magazine: Green Pragmatism

Blogging Sierra Magazine: Green Pragmatism

Jul 3, 2007

The Sierra Club isn't usually associated with the shelter mag world, but this month's Sierra magazine has a green home focus, and there's some good stuff in there.

In Home-Front Ecology Mike David points out that recycling is part of our living memory. The World War II home front effort, with its massive conservation, salvage, and victory gardening pushes, was really the most "broadly participatory green experiment in U.S. history." To date.

You know this green thing's no passing fad when you read that mall developers are now devoting their energy to creating green planned communities. In It Takes a Village Dana Perrigan discusses the new urbanism behind Rohnert Park's Sonoma Mountain Village.

In Remodeling Right Monica Woelfel has a list of "energy-efficient and planet-friendly solutions for every budget." We particularly like the "simple fixes," which include prioritizing the addition of a sun room (which gives the rest of your home a warming boost) and finding ways to use recycled paint instead of new.

In The Greenest I Ever Lived, Bill McKibben explains in wonderfully nuanced and pragmatic terms the trade-offs that go into building a green home today, offering the insight that the greenest citizens are actually those of us who live in dense cities and use public transportation. (Once you depart the city you start racking up those carbon footprint points.)

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