Value of Recyclables Dropping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recyclables are loosing value, causing some companies to go ahead and cut costs and bring glass bottles, broken down cardboard boxes, and plastic containers to the landfill.

In a New York Times article by Matt Richtel and Kate Galbraith, the reporters cover the dropping value of recyclables.

“Environmentally conscious consumers have been able to pat themselves on the back and feel good about sorting their recycling and putting it on the curb. But most recycling programs have been driven as much by raw economics as by activism.”

While many cities actually make money from recycling, as the goods value decreases, some cities are considering the fact that they may soon have to start paying.
This is something we really hadn’t considered, and it’s now having a huge affect on the market. We always assumed an economic downtown meant the value of recyclables would increase! The potential problem is that if it’s no longer financially beneficial to recycle, programs could be cut.

Read the article here.

Photo: Jodi Hilton for The New York Times