Blogging: The San Francisco Chronicle's Green Pull-out

Blogging: The San Francisco Chronicle's Green Pull-out

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 23, 2007

How far would you go to cut down on your trash?

That's the question Paul Kilduff posed in his article, "Want to compost but have no yard?," in the Chronicle's special Green pull-out section last Friday.

Would you consider, say, inviting a bunch of worms into your home to eat, poop, and cut down on about 65 pounds of food waste per 3-month cycle?

We've seriously considered it and might even make this an upcoming weekend project.

It's not a crazy idea. In fact, we're sure a large number of ATers out there are already vermicomposting in their own homes. Why? As Kilduff points out, worms are a great way to compost when you live in a condo or apartment that lacks a yard.

They take up very little space and produce just the right amount of compost for potted plants or a small garden.

Want to give it a try? Kilduff's article offers a whole sidebar full of resources, as well as enough how-to information to get you started on your own worm-composting adventure.

We want to know: Who's vermicoposting? How's it going? And who out there would rather keep a herd of sheep in their bedroom than a bin of worms in the kitchen?

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