Blogging The WSP: Working Moms Want To Go PT

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you a working mom with a part-time schedule? If so, 60% of employed moms regard your schedule as the best arrangement.

This is up from the 48% of women who said part-time was best a decade ago, according to a study cited in an article in last week’s Washington Post.

Of course while 60% of working moms want a part-time schedule, only 24% have it.

What caused this change from 10 years ago? Some experts have offered that Generation X is more family-centric than the boomers before them. That may explain some of it, but the study also showed that 72% of dads still cited full-time work as ideal.

Most interesting to us was the fact that of the moms working full-time only 28% gave themselves the highest rating as a parent. This compared to 41% of part-time working moms and 43% of stay-at-home moms who marked themselves the highest.

Read the full article here. Do the survey results reflect how you feel?

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