Blogging Top Design: Episode 1

Blogging Top Design: Episode 1

Aaron Able
Feb 1, 2007

So much to process! Overall, we were pleased with the show. We have lots of reactions that we edited down to the following:

• Todd needs to relax—he seems so scripted it is painful. We have oodles of respect for him but we think he'll be great if he just is himself. Project Runway's Heidi Klum makes it look easy.

• LA—and they never even went outside! Let's hope they have some projects outside of the Pacific Design Center.

• What's up with the lame shopping challenge? The designers were given a large diarama room and $50,000. None of the rooms looked like $30,000. Not a single team added windows or the idea of windows! (Did we miss something?)...

Only a few teams even took full advantage of the carpenters they were given. With some exceptions, we're more impressed with the mock rooms at IKEA. A lot of the rooms had bare walls! We are looking forward to see the rest of the challenges...

• So far, John is a total ass. We couldn't believe it when he made the nasty remark about "living with a bunch of queens" but we felt the editors got him back with the shot of his reaction to the announcement of mystery guest judge, Alexis Arquette—who's the queen now?


It felt a little sudden to get rid of two designers in the first show. And it was a team challenge? Harsh. That being said, Heather and Lisa had the worst room.

• We were surprised Goil and Elizabeth won. While they were creative and pushed the ideas the farthest, it didn't come together as a room for us.

• We liked Carisa and Erik's room the best. The sculptural wood piece/fireplace/shelf on the back wall gets two thumbs up.

• We wish Bravo would post pictures of the final rooms!

• Finally, what is up with the Jonathan Adler's catchphrase? "See you later, decorator?" Ugh. Someone at Bravo is trying WAY too hard.

Share your own thoughts and reactions in the comments!

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