Blogging Wondertime Magazine: Rewards as Motivators

Blogging Wondertime Magazine: Rewards as Motivators

Alejandra Valera
Nov 13, 2007

It may seem so easy to give your child a reward if he behaves at school, throws out the trash or sets the table, but according to renowned pediatrician Dr. T. Berry Brazelton this is definitely not the way to go.

The Wondertime Web site asks Dr. Brazelton about rewards as motivators of which he had to say, "Offering rewards doesn't give children enough credit for wanting to do good things for their own reasons."

He continues, "They want to be helpful. They want to be like other people and fit in. The second you make it about getting that reward, you've taken away the opportunity for them to own it, for it to be their decision."

We should encourage the child to be nice or do a good job for the sake of being nice and taking pride in their work -- and not for the reward they would begin to expect. Makes sense to us!

What do you think? Should rewards ever be used as motivators?

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