Blogging…The Countdown to Top Design

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What’s happening in the world of Top Design this week? Plenty, amazingly enough for a show that is still weeks away from its January 31 premiere.

  • The team at Blogging Top Design had a package from Bravo “mysteriously appear” in their mailbox with a press cut of the first episode (missing just the ending). The four bloggers each took a turn viewing and then reviewing this sample show – and their reactions and insights are quite interesting. Click over for the commentary from T-bone, The Scarlett, Laura K and Phaolo.
  • Over on the boards at TWOP, commenters are wondering if the site’s writers will be taking on Top Design for a weekly recap. We think the chances are good, based on the success of Project Runway and Top Chef. Along the same lines, we are wondering if blogger (and AT reader) Amber of My Aim is True will be giving Top Design the same coverage as she does Project Runway (hope so).
  • The Bravo site has a series preview“sneak peek” video up. What’s with the playing up of the uber-competitive side of things? It can be fun when the judges say outrageous things but not so much when the contestants are trying to “out tough” each other. We’re hoping it’s not the main focus of the show – we want to see the design details, not JUST the dirt.
  • Our final thought for the week: Jonathan Adler – so cute! in his meet the judge video
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