Bloom and Hip Hop Lightchains

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
We apologize in advance for posting about holiday decorations way early, but the solstice season was all we could think about when we saw Illu-Stration’s cool wool felt lightchains (
Bloom and

(We respect the rare holiday home dress-up that’s design-oriented, and we know it takes a lot of effort (origami tree anyone?), so maybe it’s not too early.)

In any case, we like Branch’s suggestion: use these elegant light chains to garland a holiday tree, and leave it at that.

When the holidays are over, puddle them in a basket and make them into a festive bowl of light, all 29 bulbs nestling cozily amid petals of white, red, or green — a little like our basket light, but fancier.

And, yes, pricier: $188 per strand.