Bloom & Krup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Appliance madness. In looking for good places to buy appliances like refrigerators, we recently stumbled upon Bloom & Krup. While it has recieved THE WORST reviews from NYMag readers (or at least one irate reader who keeps writing in), the intrepid Jill found the refrigerator she wanted (the Conserv) at a great price and has this to say:

Bloom and Krup: A great resource, locally owned, conveniently located, with reasonable delivery charges and a helpful and knowledgeable staff.

It is a toss up until Jill actually gets her refrigerator, but everything looks promising and you should read her full report below. Meantime, know that D & K is “enormous” and stocks almost “every brand imaginable” for the bathroom or kitchen. It is at least worth a look if you are doing work in these areas. (Thanks, Jill!) MGR

by Jill: author of The 12-Step Program for Making Major Changes

To my right was an array of tupperware typical of a 99 cent store, and to my left was a slightly chaotic but extensive display of high end kitchen components, typical of a kitchen specialty showroom. The aisles were tight and packed with hardware supplies, gardening supplies, bathtubs, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves. Downstairs were more refrigerators, and an unexpected array of beds and cots. This store must be many things to many people, serving the local neighborhood as well as a world of downtown apartment dwellers, deeply ensconced in kitchen upgrading.

I was armed to expect the worst after reading some not very nice reviews online, but was pleasantly surprised at the service I received.
Robert, my salesperson, said he had been with the store long before it had relocated from 1st Ave between 13th and 14th to its new Location further east on 14th between ave. A and B.

In business since 1928, Bloom and Krup took over an old Woolworths across from Stuyvesant Town seven years ago. Robert said that because people kept coming in asking for cat food, the owners were forced to drape a promotional banner over directional signage that harked from the Woolworth era. Other painted signs still remain, however, and retain the old-world feel of this store.

Robert said I could get my fridge delivered as early as Tuesday but I said I was in no rush. He said they could hold it in the warehouse until I was ready to pick it up. I felt content and filled with something akin to accomplishment with a touch of dread upon leaving the store. I bought what I had been planning to buy for the past 3 years at a price that was less than anything I saw online, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit ill at how much money I had just spent in a matter of minutes. It is a great fridge that will bring me years of joy and cold produce.