Bloom Energy's Residential Generator Promises Clean Energy

Bloom Energy's Residential Generator Promises Clean Energy

Range Govindan
Feb 24, 2010

We all have to admit that the energy the average house consumes is quite big and the carbon footprint of everyone on the planet just keeps on getting bigger. But what if there was a better way of creating and using energy?

This morning, Bloom Energy announced Energy Servers, a new tech that relies on solid state fuel cell technology in order to provide cleaner energy. How much cleaner? Bloom Energy says that it can cut CO2 emissions by 40 to 100%! Now that's a lot!

Unlike hydrogen fuel cells, which we've all heard about, but haven't really seen in action, the Bloom Energy Server, "uses lower cost materials, provides unmatched efficiency in converting fuel to electricity, has the ability to run on a wide range of renewable or traditional fuels, and is more easily deployed and maintained."

Bloom Energy's press conference happened in California today, with Governor Schwarzenegger present to show his support. There are already a number of large companies using them, from Google to eBay (their servers pictured above). Each of server provides enough power for 100 homes or one office building.

We'd like to see what happens when whole neighborhoods start to purchase this technology to service their energy needs. The energy used would be a lot cleaner than now. These things are basically like large generators that can be used to tap power. For now, they are quite big, but we're not far away from servers that could be installed in homes. Now that would be cool!

You can check out a 60 Minutes interview with the folks at Bloom Energy here.

[via Engadget]

(Images: Bloomenergy)

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