Bloomscape Just Launched New Plants — Including a Carnivorous Collection!

updated May 31, 2020
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Some plants we love because they’re pretty (like peonies and mermaid tail succulents) or adorable (like bunny succulents). But even though they don’t get as much attention, weird plants, bordering on ugly, are just as lovable — like the carnivorous Venus fly trap and pitcher plants.

Online plant shop Bloomscape recently added a bunch of new plants to its stock, including a handful of carnivorous plants. With their teeth, their purple veining, and their bulbous, draping pitchers, they look like they’d be right at home in Jumanji, and we love them for it.

First, there’s the carnivorous collection, a set of three small carnivorous plants, including a Venus fly trap and two varieties of trumpet pitcher plants: the trumpet pitcher and the venosa red. 

While all of the plants are carnivorous, they work in two different ways. Venus fly traps work like steel-jaw traps. Their mouth-shaped leaves are lined with trigger hairs, which sense when an insect lands, causing the leaves to clamp shut.

The pitcher plants, meanwhile, have specialized leaves called “pitfall traps,” which are deep and filled with digestive liquid. They’re also lined with downward-pointing hairs, which prevent insects from climbing out. (Yes, nature is brutal.)

Credit: Bloomscape

Bloomscape also sells a larger, solo Nepenthes pitcher plant. Unlike the trumpet pitchers, which stand straight up, the Nepenthes pitchers hang down, dramatically large and two-colored.

All of these plants are rated by Bloomscape as easy to care for. They like bright, indirect light, and they help remove toxins from the air. They are irritating to animals if ingested, though, so beware if you have pets.

The new plants are part of Bloomscape’s Father’s Day shop, which also includes (the non-carnivorous) Rex begonia collection, red prayer plant, Sanseveria, Ficus altissima, and several kinds of palm. You can browse the whole selection here.