Apartment Therapy Curated a Plant Collection for Bloomscape—See How We Styled Them in Our Homes

updated Aug 11, 2020
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Credit: Tara Bellucci

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on Apartment Therapy, you’ve probably noticed that we have a thing for plants. In our humble opinion, plants are less of a finishing touch and more of a home essential—what else can purify the air (literally), add life to a dreary space, and act as decor, all at the same time? And in case you were wondering, yes, we do indeed practice what we preach, filling our own homes with a mix of houseplants of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we love plants so much that we partnered with Bloomscape, one of our favorite sources for buying plants online, to bring you a curated collection of our editors’ most-loved plant varieties.

Launching today, the Bloomscape x Apartment Therapy collection includes 20 plants total, selected by Danielle Blundell (Home Director), Taryn Williford (Lifestyle Director), Tara Bellucci (News & Culture Editor), and Megan Baker (Home Projects Editor). And if you want some plant inspiration, you’re in luck: We asked the editors to take pictures of their plant babies in their homes, and provide some tips on plant care and styling. Read on for a sample of editors’ top plant picks, and be sure to browse the entire Bloomscape x Apartment Therapy collection here.

Credit: Danielle Blundell

Kimberly Queen Fern

Low-maintenance and non-toxic, the Kimberly Queen Fern is more eye-catching than a Philodendron and easier to care for than other fern varieties. Its medium size makes it ideal for placing on a table as an accent piece, which is what Danielle did. “I love that this fern is relatively no-fuss and softens up the hard lines of a windowsill or bar cart with its fun fronds,” she says. Pairing it with decorative objects doesn’t hurt either!

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Credit: Taryn Williford

Bamboo Palm

Looking for a regal, yet low-maintenance, large plant? Try the Bamboo Palm, an adaptable plant that prefers low light and has some serious air-purifying abilities. Its tall height makes it a solid choice for entryways, unused corners, and rooms that need a little extra oomph. According to Taryn, “A tall yet no-fuss bamboo palm is a great way to add height and draw your eye up.”

Buy: Bamboo Palm, $195

Credit: Megan Baker

Peperomia Ginny

Maybe all you need is something small to complete a vignette, or maybe you really don’t have the space for something large. If that’s the case, check out the Peperomia Ginny, a compact, succulent-like plant that’s perfect for beginners and seasoned plant parents alike. “The brightly colored leaves on this plant have a cute little red trim around the edges for the tiniest hint of color,” says Megan. “This would look great on a bookshelf or a coffee table—and you don’t have to feel nervous, since it’s pet-friendly. Win-win!”

Buy: Peperomia Ginny, $35

Credit: Tara Bellucci

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is “the original It Plant,” and according to Tara, it “can be tricky to care for, but will make a cute corner instantly Instagram-worthy.” Easily recognizable for its large leaves and taller height, this plant isn’t quite as adaptable to indoor conditions as others, but when it thrives, it’s guaranteed to make a statement wherever it’s placed. Just make sure to keep it near a window!

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Credit: Taryn Williford


The Sansevieria (also known as the Snake Plant) is distinguished by upright, almost sculptural-looking leaves that will fit in perfectly with contemporary, industrial, and mid-century modern decor styles. It’s easy to take care of and does best in indirect light, although it can survive in bright and low light areas. This one is another favorite of Taryn’s, who says it’s “so easy to take care of, and great for a dark bathroom or bedroom—or really any dimly lit corner.”

Buy: Sansevieria, $150