Bloomscape Just Launched a Tropical Collection That Includes an Adorable Mini Pineapple Plant

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Credit: Bloomscape

A tropical vacation sounds pretty great right about now. But for many of us (hi, there!), jetting off to a beach paradise isn’t in the cards this summer. So instead, we’re sipping piña coladas on the couch and visiting islands in Animal Crossing. But now, thanks to plant retailer Bloomscape, you can bring a little bit of the tropics right to your living room with their newly launched Staycation collection. The curated collection is filled with bold, bright and lush tropical plants of all sizes and shapes. But our absolute favorite? This ridiculously adorable, teeny pineapple plant that actually produces edible fruit! Yup, you can totally skip adding bottled pineapple juice to your cart for your next piña colada night.

Growing a pineapple plant in your living room can sound fussy, but the Bromeliad Pineapple plant is actually incredibly easy to care for. All it requires is indirect bright light and your plant will thrive, growing as tall as 16 inches. And unlike other tropical plants, this one doesn’t need a lot of water. Just wait until the soil has dried out, then water it and spray the leaves to keep them dust free. It’s also pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your cat or dog taking a bite of the leaf or juicy fruit, plus, it works as an air cleaner, removing harmful pollutants. Your plant will also eventually produces offshoots or pups that you can repot to keep your indoor pineapple farm going.

Besides the mini pineapple plant, Bloomscape’s Staycation shop also includes an easy-to-care-for trio of petite flowering plants in beautiful shades of gold, pink and red. You can also use the big, leafy Date Palm to transform your outdoor space into an exotic getaway, and once cooler weather hits, bring it indoors to keep the holiday vibes going. Or join the waitlist to snag the carnivorous Nepenthes Pitcher Plant that keeps pesky mosquitoes, flies and insects at bay. There’s also a slew of money trees (big and small) and more luscious leafy plants to choose from.

Credit: Bloomscape

Like all of Bloomscape’s plants, the Staycation collection is partially grown and pre-potted in a chic planter (choose from a variety of colors), so your new plant baby is ready to go right out of the box. And regardless of whether you choose this stinking cute pineapple plant or opt for one of those more colorful ones, they’re guaranteed to transform your home into the tropical getaway you truly deserve!

Explore Bloomscape’s Staycation shop and snag your own little tropical plant (or two!).