Blu Dot's Bonnie & Clyde: Beautiful Yet Imperfect

Blu Dot's Bonnie & Clyde: Beautiful Yet Imperfect

We recently received a question about Blu Dot's Bonnie & Clyde sofa, which we just happen to own. A reader had seen the sofas in store and was inquiring about a depression in the center of Bonnie's long bench cushion. As you can see in this photo from our living room (excuse Mr. I need to be in the sunshine), we instantly knew what he was referring to. It pains us a bit to write this post because, after owning these delightfully simple sectionals for almost a year, our instant love affair with them has slowly cooled to a less than perfect relationship...

We would imagine that this imperfection plagues many long single-cushion sofas but it is easily "fixed." The picture above shows our Bonnie sofa after approximately a week of active sitting by two adults and a 22-pound Bacon. The reason for these wrinkles is because the encasing of the cushion (imagine a really big pillow case) slowly rotates from back to front as we sit down and get up, over and over during the week.

The single cushion is velcro-ed to the frame by a long strip that runs the length of the couch. Simply un-velcro the cushion from the frame and place it on its front-facing edge. On the back edge there is a zipper that runs the length, as well. It's a lot like re-situating a duvet inside of its cover or a pillow inside of its case — simply pull the cover back into place, zip it up and tuck it back into the frame, snugly.

This is what it will look like...almost as good as new:

Obviously, the downside to this quick fix is that it is not permanent. There's the rub. We've seen a house tour here on AT with the Animal Sofa by Blu Dot and noticed the same wrinkles. We still love our couches — the clean lines, the simple sectional, the nubby textured fabric and the firm bounce — but we do have to "fix" the cushion about once a week. We believe these couches have a very good price to quality ratio and are solid and well built, almost in a class by themself if your looking for their particular type of aesthetic. We imagine the little things like this must be the difference between B&B Italia prices and Blu Dot prices when you want furniture with striking modern profile lines.

Is any relationship (with upholstered furniture) ever perfect? Does anyone else with a Blu Dot sofa or other single-cushion sofa experience this problem?

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