Bold Blue Floors

Bold Blue Floors

A floor any color — other than neutral — is a courageous design choice. Floors are the most permanent part of an interior. They need to blend with new furniture and changing wall color. That's why neutrals are so appealing. So when you choose to paint or install a bright blue floor, you know you're committing to something rare and special. You will be a fearless pioneer of design, and your friends and family will be in awe of how dynamic a blue floor can look.

There are several ways to get blue floors. The most popular method is blue tile. Blue tile can be used anywhere in your home, not just the bathroom and kitchen. However, painting wood and staining concrete are the two most interesting techniques for incorporating blue floors.

Painting Wood Floors: Painting wood is an easy process and the results are surprisingly durable. All you need to do is prime the wood, paint, and then apply three coats of urethane. If you apply two coats of urethane every two years, then you will keep any scratching or chipping under control.

Stained Concrete: Once considered a gritty industrial material better suited for sidewalks than posh interiors, concrete is starting to gain some respect in the design world. It's a cheap dependable material that will give your home an urban modern edge. Concrete can be stained any color with chemical acid or dye. It's then sealed with acrylic and a top coat of wax, and you've got a floor that will last years without a need for maintenance.

A word of warning: blue carpet is risky, and while rules are made to be broken, it is harder to pull off.

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