Blu-Ray and Why It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Blu-Ray and Why It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Range Govindan
Oct 20, 2010

Between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, Blu-Ray won the war of the formats. For some reason, it reminds us what happened between Beta and VHS. For now, Blu-Ray is the format that reigns for watching high-quality shows and movies. Let me tell you this, I haven't seen, watched, or bought a Blu-Ray disc. Read on to find out more.

The one thing that the big movie and TV studios haven't yet grasped is that the format wars are asinine. There's no reason for them, because the next generation of viewers won't be buying Blu-Ray discs in stores. They'll be downloading, streaming, and renting digital files thanks to Netflix, iTunes, and other online services.

The format that I was really vested in was DVDs. I have about 200 DVDs in storage back home. When I compared the first DVDs that I had bought in 1999 to the most recent ones in 2004, it seemed obvious that something wasn't really working out. The quality of those early DVDs was really bad compared to the newer ones. I'm sure that if you put the most recent Blu-Ray discs next to any DVD, you'll be blown away by the new format.

I honestly no longer care about the formats. I've moved into the digital realm. Everything that I watch comes from my computer. There are many benefits and some disadvantages. The disadvantage is that I don't watch the shows when they are broadcast. However, I can watch the shows without any commercials, and I can easily accumulate them when I don't have the time to watch them.

The days of programming Tivo or cable box to record a show when I'm busy or away has long gone. Why bother? The future is in digital files. The only thing that you have to do is to connect your computer to your HDTV and you're in business.

Since we transformed a corner in our living room into a home office, got rid of the old TV, I'm probably not the typical user. We actually replaced the home entertainment center with a bunch of shelves for all of our books. However, we still have a living room and whenever we want to watch something, we do so on our big computer monitors in HD resolution. Another benefit is that we don't have a cable bill anymore.

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