Bo Concept: Danish Modern Furniture

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What if Ikea had a fancy older brother? Direct from Denmark comes Bo Concept, the equally vowel challenged first cousin to that other large furniture company. We have not had a chance to visit Bo, but we have heard so much about it we have given it an online evaluation.

Bo Concept is modern furniture of the woody, down to earth kind. It is more expensive than Ikea, but it is not expensive (couches under $1200 and all beds under $1000). It fits right in to your life when you have a little more $$, want something better in your home, and are tired of catching the bus to Elizabeth, NJ. It has a healthy range of furniture, from bedroom to glassware, but it is not so big that it overwhelms you with choices. This is all good.

As for style, Bo is very European without being particularly interesting. Americans who are warming up to modern furniture may find Bo approachable, but it is hardly original. Everything looks familiar from much more expensive stores.

Bo IS interesting for the amount of interchangeability that their furniture offers. You can take the various components of beds for example, and design it the way you like it. They also have a very interesting FREE floor plan/interior design program that you can download and use to help figure out your space.

We don’t know much else, but we are willing to learn. Comment below and set the record straight. MGR