Bo Concept: How Bad Is It?

published Dec 14, 2004
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Does Bo know? As we monitor comments coming into the site as well as hits on the site, we have noticed that week after week, the one post that gets the worst comments is Bo Concept (largely customer service), but it is also one of the top posts each week (we have stopped listing it) as the result of Google searches on the web.

We would love some good news about this store as it has some very eye catching and good designs, but we can’t find much. Here is a sampling:

David: Twice I’ve ordered from them and twice I’ve had to be the one chasing down some “manager” in a warehouse in NJ in order to track down my order. Don’t waste your time.

G: I purchased a sofa and chair from Bo and while I’m happy with the look and overall quality of the furniture I can’t help but be turned off by the customer service…

I like the design and look of furniture, but I doubt I’ll shop there again after my experience.

Manni: So far Bo Concepts is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to customer service. An order for a king bed platform was entered nearly three months ago and all that we have gotten since then has been a crummy song and dance after song and dance about shipments not received in NY, yada…yada…yada, shipping time to Phoenix, yada…yada…yada, can’t deliver it for 2 more weeks even though it is in town….

Anyone got anything nice to say? MGR