Board Games

01_28_09_boardgames.jpgWinter means a lot of time spent indoors. This could spell cabin fever for some, but when we’re stuck inside with two or more people, it means… board games!

There tends to be a lot of production involved with board games, though, from the shrink wrap to the game board to the pieces to the pads of paper…So what are some greener options to the traditional board game?

If you’re in the market for some new games, or are trying to build your library like we are, try out these tips (and then please share your own).

• Buy used. Chances are, if you buy a used board game, you might be missing a couple of pieces… but be inventive and try anyway. People tend to outgrow games, and that’s all the better for you. If it’s missing a few game pieces, use coins or pebbles or shells. Instead of looking for a pad of paper, use scraps from the recycling to draw on. Better yet, use chalkboards that can be reused indefinitely.

• Be on the lookout for games printed with soy-based inks, and that sport other eco-minded qualities, like Earthopoly.

• Play games that require little to no special equipment, like Charades, dominoes, and card games. Remember the old-school games: Nobody says you’ve got to have a fancy setup! The important part will be spending time with friends.

Any other tips on greening game night?

Photo by Andy Culpin via