This Plant Pot Is Space-Efficient, Cat-Proof, and Made from Recycled Plastic

updated Nov 11, 2019
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Credit: Kickstarter

Plant parents know that if you take good enough care of your plants, they grow and make babies, necessitating replating and plenty of containers. That’s where the idea for the Bobby planter comes from. Self-described “plant gremlin” Lin accumulated 100 houseplants over the course of one year, but she struggled to keep up with the demand for pots, partly because her cat, named Bob, kept knocking hers over and breaking them.

The Bobby planter, named after Lin’s mischievous cat, is a soft fabric pot made from recycled plastic (each planter is the equivalent of about two recycled water bottles). It starts as a space-efficient, flat octagon, until you’re ready to use it. Then, you simply fold it into shape and place dirt, and your plant, directly inside. If your cat happens to knock it over, it will still make a mess, but your planter (and hopefully your plant) will survive unscathed.

Credit: Kickstarter

For now, Bobby planters still require a saucer or cork mat when you water plants in them, but in the future, Lin plans to create Bobby mats as well. 

On top of being environmentally friendly, space-efficient, and cat-proof, the Bobby planter also allows more air circulation than traditional planters, giving plant roots a chance to breathe freely. Their permeable fabric is also particularly compatible with bottom-watering. Current Kickstarter rewards include Bobby planters in sets ranging from three to 100 units, as well as a cute plant gremlin enamel pin.

Credit: Kickstarter

Lin is also creating a digital plant care guidebook, which she will share with those who back the Bobby planter on Kickstarter at any level. Based on her preview photo, it looks like it will be adorably hand-lettered and full of useful tips. The Bobby planter is two thirds of the way to its funding goal on Kickstarter with one week left to go. View the product and contribute if you like here.