Bocci 22: The Outlet for Minimalists

published May 19, 2008
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I wish I had heard about these earlier. I just finished up adding all the outlets to a newly renovated basement and until now the only choices you had were the older style double round plugs or the rectangular ‘decora’ style. Both styles require a cover plate to hide the wires and holes that come with installing plugs and switches. The area of plugs is not one that is usually known for innovation but Bocci has now added a third style to the mix. If minimalism is your thing, you will want to take notice of this one.

The 22 is an electrical outlet that removes the need and visual clutter of cover plates scattered all over the wall. It has a completely built in look, only exposing the essentials through the drywall. We were curious how you actually pull this look off so we took a look through the installation instructions. If you do decide to go with this style of plug be ready to pay a hefty sum for labor or become a drywall mudding expert.

Regardless, the 22 is a welcome detail to this neglected part of the home, and we are curious to see what else Bocci has up their sleeve when it comes to interior electrical accessories. Visit the Bocci site here