Radical Self-Love Goes With EVERYTHING: Positivity Promoting Prints

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Linny Malin)

Impossible standards suck. We’re so used to being beaten down with art and media that reinforce unrealistic beauty norms… it might be time to flip the world on its head and turn your home into a beautifully-decorated safe haven for body positivity instead. It doesn’t matter what your decor style is: Radical self-love goes with everything.

These prints are a great reminder that all bodies are great bodies—including people of all shapes, sizes, colors, gender identities and levels of hairiness, as well as people with disabilities. And the very best part is the purpose they add to your home base.

(Image credit: Ambivalently Yours)

Sometimes you just need a reminder that what other people think doesn’t matter—it’s how you see yourself, and all your beautiful qualities (both inside and out). Buy it here.

(Image credit: Frances Cannon)

Whenever you’re feeling down about yourself, this simple, statement-making print will be there to remind you of your strength. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Ruwani)

Ruwani’s work challenges beauty standards, especially the way society thinks about body and facial hair—this print is a lovely reminder that it’s totally natural and beautiful. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Tara O’Brien)

We don’t always see different body types portrayed as dancers, but these delicate cuties show just how graceful and beautiful curvy bodies are. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Roxy Morataya)

This print is part of a series that features men and women in all their natural glory, complete with rolls, body hair and everything else society sees as flaws. You can see the others here, or buy this one here.

(Image credit: Art By Leaux)

There’s nothing better than bold colors and bold statements of self-love, and this print has the best of both worlds. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Marie Boiseau)

Who doesn’t want a floral-embellished reminder that thick thighs, rolls and leg hair are all unmistakably beautiful? Buy it here.

(Image credit: Ambivalently Yours)

Because how you identify and express your gender identity will always be valid, no matter what boxes society tries to put you in. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Hannah Nannah)

A lot of body positive art focuses on size, but there still isn’t enough representation for people with disabilities in art and the media—beautiful prints like this are a start. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Linny Malin)

A bright, fun summery print that also represents the beauty of different body types? We’ll take it! Buy it here.

(Image credit: Marie Boiseau)

This combination of thick thighs, thick hair and flowers everywhere is the perfect mix of delicate meets powerful. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Carolinemills)

This print is a powerful reminder that your body is yours, and the only opinion on it that matters is your own. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Mazenoodle)

Just about everyone on the planet has cellulite, but society still deems it a flaw—this print knows it’s just another beautiful part of beautiful you. Buy it here.

(Image credit: Starkiss Creations)

Because there’s nothing more interesting than living your truth, and there’s nothing more boring than hating on others for it. Buy it here.

Of course, these prints are just the beginning—we need more art representing different people, reinforcing positive body image and fighting stigma. The more we see people like ourselves represented beautifully, the more we’ll see ourselves for how beautiful we truly are. Share suggestions for future roundups below!