When You Don’t Know What to Hang: Bold Black & White Art Will Never Let You Down

When You Don’t Know What to Hang: Bold Black & White Art Will Never Let You Down

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 5, 2015

Got a particularly tough blank wall giving you trouble? Not sure what to put there, but you know you need something? There's one type of art that can go in a ton of different types of spaces, no matter the color palette or the style — and we've got the proof from real life homes that it never lets a room (or you) down!

Why it always works:

The reason why black and white art works just about anywhere is the fact that it's only two colors are hues that are probably in just about every room, no matter the color palette or style. It's also always highly contrasting — it grabs attention but does a great job of blending and mixing with your existing art and accessories.

What to look for:

Framed, on paper, on a canvas, on a piece of wood — black and white painted art can look great whether it's an abstract piece of work or something with a strong graphic or a repeating, dynamic pattern. If you come across black and white art when you're vintage shopping, always consider snapping it up if you like the design; you can always incorporate this kind of art into your home's style for an instant injection of bold drama.

Get creative:

You can also create art with black and white graphics when you find fabric with a black and white pattern you dig. And don't discount black and white photography — no matter the subject matter a black and white photograph printed and framed (or maybe just casually hung with a washi tape or on a clip on a string) can add a touch of sophistication.

(Image credit: Megan)

DIY your own!

Of course another great thing about black and white art is that it's so darn easy to DIY! You can create your own eye-catching, dynamic black and white compositions pretty easily and without spending a lot of dough, and you can turn just about any image into art when you use engineering prints for affordable large scale art.

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