This Argentinian Home Has Stunning Architecture, Bold Colors, and the Most Beautiful Entryway Wallpaper

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This Argentinian Home Has Stunning Architecture, Bold Colors, and the Most Beautiful Entryway Wallpaper

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Square feet
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Lígia Baleeiro and Ramiro Pena with our 2-year-old son
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1184 square feet
Owned 2 years

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We have always dreamed of living in an old French architecture-style apartment​, but most of the beautiful apartments we saw cost a fortune. We spent days and nights on real estate sites without finding anything that fit our budget or that we, at least, appreciated. One day I found an ad with just one photo: it showed a bathroom floor and nothing else. At that time, I thought that if the tiles were beautiful, the rest had a chance of being beautiful, too. I scheduled a visit and when I walked through the door it was love at first sight. The apartment was a hundred years old (the year of construction is 1911 to be exact). Because of inheritance issues, the apartment had been closed for five years and many pigeons lived in it. ​​It would be a major makeover—electricity and water pipes included–but the price fit our pocket. Bingo!

One month after buying the apartment, we found out we were pregnant. We had a huge renovation to do and a not-so-huge amount of time to deal with it. AND we wanted to be finished by the time the baby came. It was five months of lots of ideas, lots of Pinterest, lots of Instagram—where I also shared my makeover. Everything turned out just fine! The baby came and already had a home to call his own.

We love that our home tells our story. Every wall, every piece of furniture or object inside the apartment has been carefully handpicked. They reveal our memories, our trips, our values, ​​and our choices. From the jazz-inspired chandelier to the Wes Anderson-inspired wallpaper at the entrance, everything has a meaning to us. I find it amazing to stop at any door, look ahead and think, “Wow, I created this place.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style​: ​Cozy chic with a lot of vintage and a ​high-low mix.

Inspiration:​​ O​ur inspirational process has a lot to do with our interpretation of everything: our memories, trips we’ve made, movies we’ve seen, people we’ve met and, of course, people’s homes on Instagram.

Favorite Element: ​I really don’t have just one favorite. If something is at home, it’s because it spoke to our hearts; it’s like they are all favorites. But we have this thing for walls and ​for a long time I’ve been in love with the murals of ​Sofia Willemoes​ inspired by Argentinian landscapes. I love that mystery of the jungle with a little nostalgic atmosphere. I would say that this is the one element that I am in love with right now.

Biggest Challenge​​: ​The biggest challenge was to live through those five months of house makeover. Being pregnant and managing the whole renovation without freaking out wasn’t exactly easy. Actually I have to say that I did freak out just a little and to control that anxiety I started to share our makeover on instagram: the process, the ideas, the results. It was amazing because today I have a super kind, engaged, and growing community.

Proudest DIY​:​ I am not very good at DIY, but I made the gallery wall above our bed!

What Friends Say: “​You have a lot of natural light!”

Biggest Embarrassment:​ ​​Our closet. ​The room is quite small and it is never organized.

Biggest Indulgence: ​The PUM PUM’S wall. ​When I thought about my son’s room decoration I wanted him to have a funny piece of art. Something unique, designed for him. My desire is that he values art and artists since childhood, and develops his aesthetic sense! So we invited ​Pum Pum ​(a ​recognized ​Argentinian street artist) to create and paint a mural in his room. We love it!

Best Advice: ​Don’t press yourself to finish the process; home wasn’t built in a day. It’s really cool when we fill our house with memories and objects that have something to say. Nothing has to be purely aesthetic… even if it seems this is the secret. Get rid of excess. Your home has to tell its own story. Carry with you travel and life memories; they will be your inspiration forever.



  • Living Room wall — Color Caribe Intenso from ​Alba
  • Bedroom wall — Color Arcilla Púrpura from ​Alba
  • Entry wall — Wallpaper by Sofia​ Willemoes
  • Child bedroom — Handpainted by Argentinian street artist ​Pum Pum




  • Table — Ramiro grandfather’s heirloom
  • Chairs — Ramiro grandfather’s heirloom
  • Wardrobe — Ramiro grandfather’s heirloom
  • Vases — Philipa Deco
  • Plant pots — Falabella





  • Chest of drawers — Flea market from Curitiba
  • Brazil Sink table — Designed by myself and made by a ​blacksmith
  • Mirror — Flea market Buenos Aires
  • Frame — Modigliani’s copy painting by my mom


  • Toy Kitchen — Gift from my son’s grandma

Thanks Lígia !

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