BoleFloor Naturally Curved Hardwood Floors

As we know, traditional wood floorboards are straight, right? But what if they, well, weren’t? Dutch flooring company Bolefloor has created a tongue-and-groove floorboard system that follows the wood’s natural lines and curves. Their “scanners’ natural-edge visual identification technology evaluates ‘imperfections’ such as knots and sapwood near the edges or ends so that floors are both beautiful and durable.” The result is curved-length flooring that is as individual as the tree it came from, and gets a lot more wood out of the tree than a regular floorboard!

The floorboards run to 3,000 mm in length with widths of 150-300 mm. Thickness is a uniform 21 mm. Their 13 mm product line will be available in summer 2011. Currently Bolefloor floorboards are only available in solid oak, with other wood species available beginning summer 2011.

Dealer and price list coming in April 2011.

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