Booda Clean Step Litter Box

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the top pet peeves of cat owners is cat boxes. They’re ugly, smelly, and then there’s that cat litter that gets dragged all over the place. Yuck.

We got a tip from a reader about the Booda Clean Step Litter Box. Lori Anne says, “I love my Booda Clean Step Litter Box. The domed design gives my cat some privacy and is better looking than most litter boxes. The steps catch litter and prevent my cat from tracking it around the house.”

The Booda Clean Step Litter Box is 50% bigger than the average litter box, and it has a clean-step ramp that keeps the litter in the box, not on the floor. It’s offered in several colors, and costs about $33.

We have to ask the following question, though: How many of you cat-owners have room for this? In almost all of our apartments, we’ve had to put our cat box in a tiny space in the bathroom.

Thanks, Lori Anne!