These DIY Kits Recreate Scenes From Your Favorite Stories Right On Your Bookshelf

updated Jun 11, 2020
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From wizarding worlds to far away galaxies, different imaginary settings exist within the pages of books. But did you know that these same fictional places can also exist between the books themselves?

A book nook is a concept wherein artists create dioramas of alleyways—usually inspired by popular locations in literature and film—that are cozily tucked between two books. The effect is like peeking into a portal, and it’s a great addition to any shelf as it breaks the monotony of rows and rows of titles.

Benjamin and Pamela George of Hemisphere Design are two such artists making these whimsical creations. One of their DIY book nooks depicts Diagon Alley in “Harry Potter,” complete with an Owl Post, the Leaky Cauldron, and Quality Quidditch Supplies. The frame also includes images of a lion and a phoenix (you can have it changed to a serpent, eagle, or badger, if you were assigned to a different house).

Another diorama features the iconic confrontation between Gandalf and a Balrog in Moria in “The Lord of the Rings.” At the flip of a switch, the kit illuminates the wizard’s staff, as well as the creature’s flames, bringing the artwork to life.

There are two other designs, too. One is of Sherlock Holmes’ 221 Baker Street address, and the other a Parisian street in “Les Miserables.” The book nooks are all made from Baltic birch and can be painted to make the pieces more realistic. Prices start at $85 for the kits, which include all the laser cut pieces with instructions on how to assemble. You can learn more by checking out the Hemisphere Design store on Etsy.