BookArc Stand Converts Your MacBook Into a Desktop

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many of us laptop users use our portable companions equally as desktops while at home, hooking them up to external monitors and extra drives. Here’s a space saving solution which reduces the desktop footprint of your MacBook, MacBook Air, or even up to a 17″ MacBook Pro: the BookArc.

BookArc gently holds a closed MacBook with silicone cushions to keep it in place and with the side upfront, so you can easily access the CD/DVD drive, while connections situated in the rear give your laptop the appearance of a desktop unit. A heavy gauge steel stand with a 10″x4″ footprint, the $49.99 BookArc is the first laptop stand that we’ve even considered replacing our much beloved mStand with (but not really, because we still like having the extra open monitor option). But if we had a 30″ Cinema Display, the BookArc would be seriously on our list of space optimizing accessories.