Books in the Bedroom

Books in the Bedroom

Cate West Zahl
Mar 30, 2012

The bedroom is not typically known as the most intuitive place to store massive book collections. That's what a "library" is for. But let's be honest: who actually has a proper library these days? For some, sleeping with their books is the answer.

There are multiple routes to go, depending on your reasons for storing the books in your bedroom.

• Invest in floor-to-ceiling library shelving or get the industrial variety if you're interested in maintaining a functional, practical storage space for your books. Place the bed to the side of the shelves in order to have easy access. Consider the "wall of books" to be your artwork or decor for the room.

• Put the bed against bookshelves in lieu of a proper headboard. This is a popular choice in guest rooms, but can work just as easily in a master. The overall look feels very cozy and lived-in. Practically speaking, it's less than ideal if you wish to have access to your books at all times.

• Go for the messy, more-is-more look if you're inclined towards eclectic bookshelves that house a plethora of curiosities. In this case, the bed just happens to be there, almost like an afterthought, or a place to pass out when you simply can't read anymore.

• If you simply like the aesthetic of books as a means for decor, take a collection of vintage volumes or cover your books with white book-covers and stack them horizontally. A recent (much debated amongst serious book lovers) trend is flipping the books around so that the spine faces towards the wall and the pages face outward.

These examples range from custom-neurotic-organization to the verging-on-messy style. Would you store your books in the bedroom? What style do you prefer?

1. Kikette Interiors
2. Room of Creativity
3. Patricia Gray Inc
4. Tina Tarnoff
5. Marie Claire Mason via Curbed.

1. My Notting Hill
2. Electric Revisited
3. Ran Room
4. Elle Decor
5. The Berry

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