Books in the Kitchen

Books in the Kitchen

Cate West Zahl
May 17, 2012

The kitchen is not just for cooking anymore. For most people, it's where the majority of their time is spent, sharing meals, doing family projects, and entertaining. And, as it turns out, it's the place where some are storing their book collections.

There are various routes to take in terms of placement, style, and type of book to display. For some, the kitchen shelves are reserved exclusively for cookbooks, a pragmatic choice. Others decide to display a plethora of books and magazines on various subjects.

In terms of where the books are kept in the kitchen, often times a few shelves in an island do the trick. Or a single row of cookbooks placed on a shelf above the sink, a scenario that turns the books into part of the decor, especially if arranged artfully. Others choose to put in floor-to-ceiling shelves to store the family collection of books in its entirety, a dramatic look and one that ensures the kitchen will be the focal point of activity in the space.

Putting your kitchen table next to a massive bookshelf seems to be a popular choice; there's something cozy about sharing a meal surrounded by books. All this said, I'm sure that there are some people that think that food and books do not mix.

So where do you stand? Would you store your books in the kitchen? Or should your reading place and cooking/eating place be separate entities?

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