5 Books to Read If You Love Colleen Hoover

published Nov 1, 2022
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Colleen Hoover, known for her addictive romance novels and psychological thrillers, is dominating the bestseller charts — in fact, her newest novel” It Starts With Us” had record-breaking sales (more than 800,000 copies on its first day!). If copies are flying off the shelves at your local bookstore, or you’re on a seemingly-endless waitlist at the library, there are plenty of similarly-engrossing books to keep you occupied while you await your copy.

Jonas’ provocative debut centers around a 50-something English professor who becomes obsessed with a new teacher in the department (Vladimir), an infatuation that she sinks into as her husband is investigated for inappropriate relationships in the same department. The novel follows the nameless narrator as she navigates a turning point in her career, infidelity, and her own sexual power as she gets closer and closer to Vladimir, his work, and his family.

Guillory has written some of the most talked-about romances of the last several years — her books are bringing back rom-coms, with emotional centers grounded in entertaining dialogue and serious discussions around race, identity, success, and family. “Drunk on Love” is perfect for those looking for both a romance and and escape — set at a family-owned Napa winery, Margot and Luke’s complicated love story (she’s the boss, he’s the newest employee) checks all the boxes. 

When his wife Emma suffers a serious illness, Leo begins chronicling her life — as an obituary writer, this is the only way he knows how to cope. But it turns out the story of Emma’s life is not simple to write, because so much of what Leo believed about Emma — including her name — isn’t real. As Emma’s past comes into focus, the two have to decide if their marriage can survive her darkest secrets. 

If you’re a fan of Hoover’s darker work, then you need to add Abbott to your bookshelf. Her novels are suspenseful and her latest, “The Turnout,” centers around two sisters who run a family-owned ballet school. Abbott often explores women in highly competitive and tense fields — other novels delve into the worlds of cheerleading, gymnastics — because when minds and bodies are constantly pointed towards perfection, it doesn’t take much for them to break. This novel is paced like a riveting dance performance, and readers should never expect to know what’s coming next.

If you want to sink into an author with an impressive backlist of thrillers, then it’s time to become familiar with Lisa Gardner. Her detective series, starring D.D. Warren, are page-turning mysteries that are rarely solved before the very last page. But if you want to start with a standalone, opt for her most recent novel about a bachelor party gone wrong, and the search party that wants to recover a missing man by venturing into the dangerous Wyoming mountains.