Books that Look Good

Books look good on shelves, not matter how beaten up or multicolored they are. And we think they look better when organized by certain types and heights, and with some piled up horizontally and some standing vertically. But would they look better if they had one of these four covers?

1 Book City Jackets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, makes these covers that not only look good (and are witty, like this set) but that also protect books from drinks. And, you can write on them. That wins us over.

2 One of the Artist Series covers by Book City Jackets.

3 While not a cover that you can move from book to book, these covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith deign Penguin classics. Spread out through one library, they might add some visual continuity.

4 The library of Hotel Lorien in Alexandria, Virginia, designed by Vicente Wolf, makes it difficult for one to locate a specific books, but darn, do they look minimalist and clean!