The Complete+Happy Home

Complete + Happy Home

Maxwell Ryan is the original Apartment Therapist. Over a decade ago, he was traveling around NYC on his scooter, visiting clients and helping them make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy. Fast forward to today—he and the Apartment Therapy editorial team, led by Executive Editor Janel Laban, have boiled down the art of decorating, caring for and enjoying your home into a comprehensive book so you can study up to become your own Apartment Therapist!

This book is like hanging out with a smart, resourceful, witty and well-educated friend that also happens to be SUPER pretty. You learn whilst staring at pretty images, which is really my favorite way to learn. Emily Henderson,
Apartment Therapy have outdone themselves with Complete + Happy Home, a book that's tailor-made for the modern homemaker—totally accessible and relentlessly useful. Sean Santiago, Senior Home Editor, Refinery29

Full of photos and stories you can only find in the book, Complete + Happy Home is full of actionable lessons in setting up a home, and brimming with inspiration to spark your own style. We put the nuts and bolts of we’ve learned about decorating, organizing, cleaning, and repairs into one "textbook" that you can hold in your hands. Filled with tons of info and inspiration, it’ll set you on the path to creating your own complete and happy home with confidence.

Our Book Tour

The Complete + Happy Home book tour was a huge success! We stopped in Boston, Philly, DC, High Point, Athens, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Marfa, Tucson, Palm Springs, San Diego, and Los Angles. We did home makeovers with our friends at Wayfair, visited readers for some real "therapy," and threw parties all along the way.

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Maxwell Ryan, Founding Editor

Maxwell Ryan

Maxwell Ryan, an interior designer and author, is the founder of Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, a pair of lifestyle websites dedicated to helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy. Maxwell has written three other best selling design books and lives in NYC with his daughter, Ursula.

Janel Laban, Executive Editor

Janel Laban

Janel Laban is the Executive Editor of Apartment Therapy and has been working there, at the dreamiest of dream jobs, since March 2006. She lives in Chicago with her family.

Maxwell Ryan, Founding Editor

Adrienne Breaux

Adrienne is a writer who loves architecture, design, cats and science fiction. She watches a lot of Star Trek.

Maxwell Ryan, Founding Editor

Carrie McBride

As Apartment Therapy's Managing Editor, Carrie covers design and modern homelife with children. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids.

Maxwell Ryan, Founding Editor

Dabney Frake

When Dabney's not writing around here, she's digging through other people's attics for fun and interesting stuff, or running around with her bloodhound Friday.

Maxwell Ryan, Founding Editor

Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer is a Senior Writer at Apartment Therapy, where she spends her days writing and thinking about decor, food and fashion in NYC.

Maxwell Ryan, Founding Editor

Nancy Mitchell

A Senior Writer at Apartment Therapy, Nancy spends her time looking at beautiful pictures, writing about design, and photographing stylish apartments.