Borrod Table by Line Depping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
[ Photo from DesignBoom ]

If you’re like us, your workspace is littered with all kinds of crap: layers of junk mail envelopes with scribbles, crumpled bits of tracing paper, stumpy pencils, and a few pieces of fabric here and there. We’re not the most organized when it comes to our “creative process,” so the Borrod table by Line Depping might be worth investing in. The slide open mechanism in the table top makes it easy to dump all those important scraps into a flexible inlay, clearing the desk in an instant.

Danish designer Line Depping was recently awarded the top prize at the Premio Vico Magistretti design contest for the Borrod table. Her inspiration? Playing with the idea ordered disorder. Depping explains, “In everyday life we always try to follow certain norms, have tidy homes for example, but often we feel a hint of bad conscience because we are not perfect as people. So why this quest for the impossible? My table allows our irrational chaotic lives to rule and by that showing that life can be perfect in its imperfection.”