Borrow From Your Streetmates with NeighborGoods

We asked if you’d ever consider renting tech like a TV or projector, but many of you still balked at the nearly $100/day price tag. But maybe there’s another option—like this neighborhood-based borrow-and-lend social network, NeighborGoods.

NeighborGoods uses your zip code to hook you up with friendly, web-savvy neighbors who’ve got valuable stuff to lend out—and it’s all part of a social network that will have you borrowing and lending everything from a drain snake to an underwater camera.

If you’re really hoping for a projector screen for an outdoor movie night, just head to NeighborGoods. After you input your zip code, you’ll be able to browse listings of neighbors willing to lend out their stuff. If you can’t find what you need, put up an “I need” posting and hope your friendly streetmates come to your rescue.

There’s also options to offer goods to rent (Yay! Make some cash!) and to offer stuff to give away for free (Yay! Save junk from landfills!).

The site’s fairly new, but expanding every day. Go check it out and see what your neighbors are lending.