Creative Small Spaces in Boston

Creative Small Spaces in Boston

Tara Bellucci
Apr 3, 2012

House Tour homeowners are pretty creative when it comes to small space living and our Boston bunch is no exception. We've collected some of our favorite homes from teeny tiny to small, all under 1000 square feet (including some former Small Cool entrants), as well as their biggest challenges.

1 Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space — Biggest Challenge: "Having the living room function as my office/studio as well, but I think it works."
2 Caitlin's Beacon Hill Jewel Box — Biggest Challenge: "I wish my bed wasn't sitting in the middle of the room, but it was more or less unavoidable so I just embraced it."
3 Chris & Erin's Farmhouse Add-On — Biggest Challenge: "Downsizing our two apartments, 1200 and 550 sq/ft respectively into 680sq/ft."
4 Emily & Nate's Cozy Cocoon — Biggest Challenge: "Not letting things get too crowded and cluttered in our smallish space, and doing it on a tight budget."
5 Eli & Jessica's Comforting Cambridge Condo — Biggest Challenge: "Our space is long -- five rooms in a row. From the front of the apartment, it's possible to see nearly all the way to the back, which poses a challenge in terms of the way color in different rooms relates. So, we've tried to bring color and patterns back throughout."

6 Maureen & Lui's Pondside Lily Pad — Biggest Challenge: "Our precarious lighting situation. We have amazing eastern and southern exposure, but when that sun goes down and the lights are on, our home is like Seinfeld's 'two-faced' girlfriend, who looks as expected in one light, but completely dubious in another."
7 Robin's Gorgeously Green Artist Barn — Biggest Challenge: "The size of the yard and the maintenance that comes along with it can be extremely overwhelming. Weeds!"
8 Brad & Kendra's South End Drama — Biggest Challenge: "Budget. If we see a great knick-knack, or book, or decorative piece that we have to have and it's on-sale, we will without a doubt bring it home."
9 Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern — Biggest Challenge: "The 'half-room' between the dining room and kitchen. It's not quite big enough to be a room - but too big to be a hallway. We ended up using it as a sort of walk-thru closet."
10 Paula & Brian's Cambridge Condo Rehab — Biggest Challenge: "Trying to make 910 square feet seem bigger than 910 square feet."

11 Meg & Dan's Colorful Jamaica Plain Condo — Biggest Challenge: "Finding enough space so things don't feel cluttered in such a small apartment."
12 Michelle's Pipe Factory Condo — Biggest Challenge: "Curation. I love to collect stuff and frequent thrift stores, Craigslist, yard sales, flea markets and eBay. Attempting to keep my home from feeling cluttered (and my limited closet space from overflowing) is a constant (and not always successful) struggle."
13 Wes, Kayla & Bacon's Brookline Remix — Biggest Challenge: "Wes leans more toward severe, stark modern spaces while Kayla favors high contrast, graphic spaces. Merging our individual design tendencies and creating a warm, textured home we can both relax in and enjoy."
14 Two Friends Create a Blended Home — Biggest Challenge: "Sarah: To try to keep the house from being too cluttered. Megan: Having chairs in my bedroom and not allowing clothes to loiter in them."
15 Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary — Biggest Challenge: "With an older home there is always something to do and it can be hard to determine the point at which a project is finished."

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