HGTV's Design Star: International Style? Boston

HGTV's Design Star: International Style? Boston

We're not sure what's up with the mega-dramatic letdowns this season, but last night's episode took the remaining seven designers "around the world" in a paint can with only $500 and a trip to Michael's...

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After being told to pack a bag and bring a passport, the Design Star "big trip" ended in a warehouse. Each designer drew an inspiration destination from a paint can (Italy, Thailand or Mexico), except Michael who drew a blank paint can lid and chose his own destination inspiration, Spain. With all the drama that we've seen, it was nice to watch them work as individuals and get a glimpse of what they would look like as host of their own show - no finger pointing this time (right?).

The wood-painting duo Jennifer and Stephanie squeaked out a victory, much to their own surprise. We think Stephanie was the only one to actually use the provided Lovesac in an interesting (successful) way, and Jennifer really stood out with her wonderfully creative solution to remedy big, blank walls on a budget.

For the first time this season Matt let us down. We don't understand what he built and we don't know why it was all beige, but we're glad they didn't send him home for it. At least he's always thinking about his design. Michael, on the other hand, has been all talk all season and this was his moment to back it up, but he dropped the ball. That room was awful - bad proportions, bad color, bad floor, and it looked nothing like Spain. Vern's comment: "I look more Spanish that that room." Priceless.

And then there's Tracee - crafty, gondola queen. It looked like a Halloween costume. And since when does pink and black say Italy? After more green room breakdowns and tears (does anyone else have a hard time imagining these people seriously hosting their own show?), it was Michael that got the boot, crying the whole way. Did he really say he wanted his mommy? Tracee lives to lose another day...

You can view the other room designs here. Also, HGTV has a new online game if you're looking to kill some time at work. Check it out here.

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