Bowery Kitchen Supply

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Movin’ up. For most of the last century they were a fixture on the Bowery, but
Bowery Kitchen Supply has pulled up stakes and now caters to a more upscale clientele in the Chelsea Market. True to their origins, however, they still serve industry buyers from the venerable “Restaurant-Bar-Deli-Bakery-Lunchenette-General Foodservice” category — as well as lunchtime shoppers from the Food Network.

As you might imagine, they carry everything, from small cookware to large cooking equipment, and there is more or less full in-store retail service and a good online store as well.

NYMag says: “This vast, tightly packed emporium furnishes professional chefs and laypeople alike.

JP says: “This is another fun place to check out… a lot of inexpensive kitchen gadgets!”

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