Boxal Holds All Your Picnic Needs In Style

We’ve talked previously about all the wonderful eco-options for a perfect picnic, but a new product has recently captured our attention. Meet Boxal, your new favorite picnic basket — er, uh, box that is.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ways To Pack Your Boxal

Inside each Boxal picnic kit are re-arrangeable dividers to help hold stuff secure and snug for your trip around town. In addition there are four compostable trays, large bowl, small bowls, utensil sets, cold cups, 8 recycled napkins and 1 compostable trash bag. The dishware is made from cornstarch, making it good for the earth and great for the box since you won’t have dirty dishes floating around for your trip home.

You can pick up one of the 3 stylish kits from the Boxal store for $35 and additional silverware packs for $10. It sounds like a great set-up, even if you have a few picnics and then continue to use the box to hold other things, we think it would make a great green wedding present or find for yourself!

What would you pack inside one? The options are limitless and the structure of the box is great for heavy things like wines and soda in a bottle!

(Image: Boxal)