Boynq WakeUp: Stylish and Effective Alarm Clock iPod Dock

Boynq WakeUp: Stylish and Effective Alarm Clock iPod Dock

Range Govindan
Jun 26, 2009

iPods and iPhones have become ubiquitous. If you compare the small form factor, size of the HD and just plain usability, the iPod is hard to beat. With up to 160GB of storage, which was strangely reduced to 120GB, you only need one thing to share you music with friends and family: a dock. It sounds simple, but there are thousands of docks available, and not all of them are equal. Some of them can do some pretty nifty stuff. Others, are just ornamental.

We've always loved funky looking alarm clocks. Alarm clocks are on your bedside table, so combining one with an iPod dock seems perfectly normal. Even though a lot of people have switched to simply using their cell phones as alarms, there still are a lot of reasons why you should keep an alarm clock. They make life easier and provide a simple backup solution if you're using your cell phone as an alarm. Now if you could find a great looking alarm clock that also doubles as a dock, you'd have resolved the issue. There isn't much space on most bedside tables, so it's necessary for some devices to be combined. Plus, you don't have to get out of bed to check the time. Most clocks have larger displays, making it quite easy to read from the comfort of your own bed.

Docks come in all shapes sizes and colors. What makes this one by Boynq so effective is that it looks awesome. Even though the design isn't new, it still rocks. There is something about those three displays and the speaker that looks great. It fits in well with a number of different types of bedrooms, and since it comes in either black or white, it will fit in quite easily. It will reduce the clutter on your bedside table, if you have more than one device doing separately what this one can do. Thus, it reduces the number of wires, which is always pleasant. When nothing is docked, the remote takes the place of one of the displays. Once taken off, the three screens deliver the needed information. There is nothing fancy or special about its functions. They are simple and to the point. It's a radio, iPod dock and alarm clock. Technically speaking, it's a great alarm clock, but a not so great iPod dock. The thing that you have to remember is that right now, it's pretty cheap compared to what it was when it was first released.

When this device came out, it was quite expensive. Initially, it retailed for about $185 in Europe. Now, we've found that Newegg is selling it for less than $40. Now this makes this a steal! [images via Boynq, top image via Hilavitkutin]

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