Brad Pitt says: Make it Right

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whatever Us Weekly says about the Jolie-Pitts, it takes a backseat when we realize how much this family is doing for the world. And we’re not talking crappy movies either (although, Fight Club was really quite good. And we MAY have spent an afternoon or five watching Tomb Raider). Brad Pitt’s New Orleans project, Make it Right, is attempting to accomplish some very admirable goals: rebuilding the ill-fated Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, one eco-friendly home at a time.

There was some rumblings a few months back with Pitt and Global Green’s architecture competition which jumpstarted new ideas to rebuild sustainably, and the Make it Right team has an impressive roster who have volunteered their expertise in environmental architecture and sustainable redevelopment.

We say kudos to you, Mr. Pitt. The success of this project will definitely be more amazing and rewarding than, say, multiple Oscars. (Not that you don’t deserve that either. Well. Maybe not for Seven Years in Tibet).

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