Brad Pitt’s Floating House Unveiled

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation recently unveiled another one of its houses in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. This one was built specifically to withstand Katrina-type weather. In other words: It can float.

The house, designed by Thom Mayne, was built so that in flood conditions it can break away from its moorings and electrical lines and rise up up to 12 feet. It would still be attached to guideposts, so it wouldn’t float away, but it would hopefully withstand the kind of weather that devastated that area of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

The house is also built with a battery that would provide the occupants with enough energy to make it through three days—hopefully enough time for help to arrive.

We’re totally fascinated by this design. If you are too, you can learn more about it here.