BrainWave: Desktop Microwave

BrainWave: Desktop Microwave

Kristen Lubbe
Apr 29, 2010

We're certainly not going to go on the record and say that we're lazy enough to use this product. If we need to microwave something, we're happy to walk downstairs into the kitchen to use it. There are people out there that are just too lazy to make such a long trip.

The BrainWave is a desktop microwave that allows you to continue doing your work while you cook your food. The microwave comes with microwavable meals and a disposable fork that holds the cooking information. You place the meal in the microwave and scan the fork &mdash the microwave reads the heating instructions.

Even better &mdash BrainWave comes with computer software so you can track the cooking process on your computer, which is located right next to the microwave.

BrainWave is obviously still a concept &mdash would you want BrainWave in your office?

[via Yanko Design]

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